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Jun 26, 2011 11:00pm PDT
. they have a business advantage is than the regular working drivers. the mta should not create the permit or the regulation that is only favorable to a small group of people. the sf mta gives the reasons why they have to create it because the city has a peak rush-hour. people have been waiting for more than 30 minutes. with the mta create the permit? >> next speaker, please. >> 10 years ago, voters greeted a taxi commission because the powers that be convinced them that that would be good and it did not work and then it was thrown out a couple of years ago but the voters did not throw out everything the way it has been construed. i'm saying that the proposition did not eliminate proposition k. the way the taxes were operating under the police department was much the fare. selling the balance is so immoral, illegal, and unethical. there are people waiting on the list many years for their medallion and now they do not want -- they will not get it because the city would like to balance the budget with sales of medallions and revenues which have doubled. [applause] >> next speaker, please. >>
Jun 26, 2011 9:00pm PDT
of the mta for working on our proposal. as was mentioned, lifeline was supposed to have -- and rfp went out a year-and-a-half ago. the winter and evaluation process that required them a lifeline. without these funds, the shuttle will not be able to continue to operate. in addition to that, we would like the commission to be able to encourage administrative haste in developing the contract in moving forward because, without it, we will have to cease operations on june 30. currently, when we started, we were carried 12 passengers a month. we carry 200 a day now. we're interested in making sure we do not have a break in service and whether we are able to bill retroactively starting from july for an expedited contracting process, we see as essential for our project contingency. commissioner campos: thank you. next speaker? >> good morning, directors. and the fortune with the bicycle coalition. we are very surprised about the bike share program, the match that will help the city go forward. if things go according to plan, next year you might be taking a share but somewhere in town. that is impor
Jun 21, 2011 3:00pm PDT
% of the overtime hours. mta, fire, police, public health. we have to approve budgets for these departments and also received reports of overtime on a monthly basis. i did not believe we have the adequate tools to manage overtime and to make sure that we reduce the amount of overtime that is being spent. for that reason, this legislation that i am introducing, i want to thank the supervisor for his sponsorship and his health in putting this together. it introduces good government and responsible budgeting into this process by amending the administrative cohan so that in order to make an expenditure that goes beyond the amount that has been budgeted, the top 10 departments have to come to the board of supervisors for approval. this is something that is already happening in terms of businesses containing over time expenditures in the private sector and it is only appropriate that we try to institute the same discipline. let me also noted that because of the way the mta were, we do not have the legal power to make this ordinance applied to the mta, and therefore, when this ordinance, we introduce a res
Jun 28, 2011 11:30am PDT
the director of the program to explain. >> my understanding is the mta roughly divided the number of potentially eligible schools into half. at the plans and programs committee, some commissioners asked whether there was the ability to shift schools between group two and a group one, and mta said that the crews were already being legislated, but there could be some flexibility to allow certain schools to begin before the others. commissioner mirkarimi: any other questions or comments for staff? any public comment? is there anyone from the public that would like to comment on this item? >> my name is nick, sustainability director for the school district. i have not come to grips with climate change it. on the other hand, in my job, i have done a lot to promote alternative transportation to and school districts. i am mindy appeared to see if you have any questions about our program -- i am mainly appear to see if you have any questions about our program, in general. this summer, we will be expanding a solar power program. we will also be finishing up the bike rack installation that
Jun 14, 2011 11:30pm PDT
here with public works and rec and park and mta and others, the commissioners writing this, and we had a great conversation with different parts of the roadway that we had with the very soft area of golden gate park to the pathways and the panhandle, and we really hit into traffic. that is the really challenging part, which i intend to work with our supervisors and supervisor mirkarimi to make sure we try to experiment with the ways we can have dedicated bike lanes. that would be wonderful to have, wouldn't it? and we need to calm that traffic down and make sure that we have state pathways, and then we went to the widow. that is a fun part. i know andy wanted to go directly on the hills. we pulled him back. but i know he is in shape. he is going to speak in a minute, but there are a lot of people in shape, and then there are people like me. we need that we go. and then market street, those really dedicated bike lanes. i am definitely in favor of expanding it from octavia all the way to the very building. we should have dedicated bike lanes there. [applause] we are experimenting with tu
Jun 27, 2011 3:00pm PDT
in need of maintenance, visit the website. thank you for >> this is the june 21 meeting of the m.t.a. good afternoon and welcome. call the roll, please. [roll call] item three, please be advised that the use of cell phones and other electronic devices are prohibited. any person responsible for one going off may be removed from the meeting. cell phones put on the vibrate do cause microphone interference. item four, approval of the minutes. >> is there a second? >> second. >> all in favor say aye. >> aye. >> item five, communications. i know of none. >> i just wanted to give a congratulations and shoutout to the new express which has been running for a week and two days, one day. i just wanted to say i've been getting tons of rave reviews from my co-workers. one fellow came up to me and said it was the first time he'd been on a bus in the city in about four years. it looks like the numbers of riders are going do continue to grow. so well-done on that. and other co-workers asking, when are you going to start one for the l? so looks like we have hopefully a success on our hands. i just wanted
Jun 1, 2011 4:30pm PDT
-- that was negotiated as to how that was determined. again, the mta $9.5 million. the landlord, $1.7 million, for a total of $11.2 million. the improvements are to be completed by june 2012. we point out about this -- about the options, however, as i understand it, mr. updike concurs with our recommendation that the options should be subject to board of supervisors approval, which is our recommendation. towards the bottom of page 214, we state that the sfmta currently occupies a total of 16,524 square feet of space across 256,237. the reason that they appear low is because a lot of this is city-owned or part-owned space, and this is operate the m.t.a.'s command and control functions dispersed among five locations in the city. if the proposed 39,573 square feet for the new lease is approved, sfmta's total cost for all five facilities would increase to $1,569,944 during the first year of the proposed lease, so the new lease would go up by $1,313,707 per year, an increase of 513% more than the $256,000 annual cost, which the mta is currently paying. in addition, if the proposed lease is approve
Jun 26, 2011 9:30pm PDT
broader transportation systems. we recommend that the sf mta called muni partner program, involving a designated shuttle point person on staff that would lead that coordination and investigate into public complaints and coordinate with the other related mta policies that are beginning to emerge. other things that are beginning to look more generally and how we allocate and manage this scarce and valuable resource in the city, that curbs base. -- curb space. an authority led project in collaboration with city departments, we are lucky that the region has stepped up to kick in funding for this project. during this period of the pilot launch, it will take 18 to 24 months. having it funded is really great because we anticipate depth and early portion of the program is when the larger level of effort will aspire work with stakeholders and the wall, the board, the public developing those policies around where we bought the shuttle's to be and where we do not want them to bqe where it is appropriate for the board to say that this is done can be shared shuttle stop. this one has a bus comin
Jun 29, 2011 11:00pm PDT
. i want to express gratitude to mta staff, ta staff for helping to put this together. as you heard, as a tfca idea, it does not fit so well. not so good for prop k. we will come back for tfca later. this is an indication of the changing environment in the city. we adopted our bike plan in june of 2009. we are halfway through building out the projects. we are moving along quickly. that is exciting. what is next? coming back for bike ways for everybody. the automated counter on fell street counted a 26% increase in one year. that is why this project is important and why we are so glad to have this come to you. commissioner campos: thank you very much. is there any member of the public that would like to comment on this item? seeing none, public comment is closed. colleagues, we have a recommendation from staff. a motion by commissioner avalos. yes, commissioner? commissioner chu: a question regarding the asset management project. is there an anticipated time when we would be implementing that? >> yes, the design and implementation phase would be advertised in march 2012, fully operab
Jun 27, 2011 6:00pm EDT
is on for a woman who stabbed a person in south east baltimore. there is no word on a possible motive. an mta bus driver is facing a host of charges after a surveillance camera caught him stabbing a passenger and then trying to get rid of the evidence. >> according to m.t.a. officials, what little information they are giving us is that this altercation happened on an mta boss here in the 700 block of eastern avenue in done? . -- dundalk. not only did he admit to stabbing the past year, but also to try to cover the whole thing out. it was all caught on video. it was in the early morning hours when 28-year-old brian marshall stopped his mta bus to pick up passengers or cargo hail. -- ricardo hale. ricardo told police he had been draghi and did not want to drive. -- had been drinking and did not want to drive. he spoke briefly to the bus driver and then according to surveillance video, the bus driver got and lunged at him. >> we understand that tempers can flare, but under no circumstances do we want any of our employees involved in an altercation with someone from the public, nor do we want anyone
Jun 28, 2011 2:30pm PDT
. i had a few things appear first, i am introducing a resolution related to the mta and specifically the work rule reforms that we have been promised and are anticipating. as we all know, in november last year, the voters are were lonely past prop g, which required collective bargaining, including for wages. after several months of bargaining, today, the board approved a three-year contract between the transit workers union and the mta. now that the contract has been formalized, it is critical that we track the implementation of the work rule changes to insure that these efficiencies and savings occur. muni service has been in everyone's life in the city, and in the limitation is critical, and we cannot just assume it is going to happen. we need to monitor it and hold mta accountable. the resolution will -- is requesting that the m.t.a. board require periodic reporting of the status of implementation of the work rules and corresponding savings that have been achieved, and that report would then be forwarded regularly to the board of supervisors so that we can monitor the work will im
Jun 11, 2011 1:00pm PDT
to ask the m.t.a. >> through the chair, one of the things i am trying to understand is why the length of the lease is 10 years. my understanding is there is at least a possibility that before the end of that term, you could end up moving out of this proposed location. i am trying to understand why it is that we have a 10-year term for a lease? >> my name is carter >>> ohan, deputy director of the sfmta. two issues. one is the trance bay objection, which i will let him speak to more in depth. but that opportunity does not avail itself at the earliest until perhaps year eight of the lease. but more importantly from the ownership's perspective, because they are providing significant improvement to the building, they need an amount of time to amortize those improvements. really the other thanship is the one driving the 10-year request for release. they have a .1.7 million investment, and they need a return. supervisor chiu: i understand why they want the lease as long as possible, but the question is what the need of the city. if well in fact not need the property for that amount of time,
Jun 7, 2011 1:00pm PDT
the mta as one of our electrical transit mechanics at the geneva car house. we commend to john for going the extra mile when he rebuilt a major proponent of propulsion on a car that was on a long-term hold. car 1052 has been the most reliable vehicle for six months. here to present the award is jim kelly, our director of transit operations. jim? >> congratulations. i hope that you can get [unintelligible] in business. [laughter] [applause] >> on the behalf of the border of directors and the people of san francisco, thank you for your outstanding and dedicated work. >> ladies and gentlemen, i am grateful and other. thank you again. [applause] >> our next award goes to shareehn shiek. [applause] pretty popular. [laughter] he is being recognized for work as the move coordinator. over the past eight years he has been responsible for move this within the headquarters building and has handled larger moves of the entire divisions. such as when security move it from 875 stevenson. for the ability to coordinate multiple moves with minimal disruption, it has made him a valuable asset and ultimatel
Jun 1, 2011 3:30pm PDT
, improvements to muni should also be made. with the st. transit signal infrastructure, the mta does not have any other identify the source of funding. >>supervisor chu: i'd think many of us recognize the need to have transit improvement work, whether it is the signals we are talking about in this situation, among other things, for muni. the question is why this comes forward with a street repaving bond. is there something that links transit signals to a street? if you are paying, is there something that you need to put into the ground anyway? >> what we're really trying to look at is the entire street and road network, the concept of the bond that we are approving -- we are trying to improve the entire network. yes, muni is implementing their signal upgrades to do that. it is much more efficient for us to be doing it at the same time with the same contractor doing the street resurfacing. throughout the street program, we are trying to coordinate with anyone else digging up the streets, and that includes the water department, sewer department, pg&e, and anything that mta is doing in the street be
Jun 28, 2011 9:30pm PDT
to happen. we need to monitor it and hold mta accountable. the resolution will -- is requesting that the m.t.a. board require periodic reporting of the status of implementation of the work rules and corresponding savings that have been achieved, and that report would then be forwarded regularly to the board of supervisors so that we can monitor the work will implementation. i am also calling for a hearing to follow up on a church several months ago. we conducted the hearing, and the mta provided us with a number of ideas for improving service. i would like to hear from mta, and the public would like to hear about the status of those improvements. specifically, i want an tsa and recon park also to be there to talk about the right of way through the lowest part. anyone who has seen the muni right of way through dolores park knows that it is in bad shape, to say the least. there is graffiti. there's all sorts of other blights that happened there. to be honest, mta has not done a great job of maintaining that area and has not done a good job cooperating with rec and park to make sure the area is c
Jun 24, 2011 7:30am PDT
wanted to address the request to work closely to the unit inside the m.t.a., but also how about working with the outside contract services unit. and with h.r.c. what happens if there's a discrepancy with what contract services at m.t.a. is doing and what overall city contract h.r.c. requirements are? i will mention something like that in my public comment. i want to say that i think contract services needs to work closely with one that is actually official, which is out of h.r.c. and if there are conflicts, it may draw into litigation against you and your staff. he mentioned pride. did we make arrangements -- i don't mean maybe two. but are cab stands around the celebration so cabs can stage and pick up people? have you made arrangements for cab stands? just like you probably did not bring the meter increase today but you delayed it for a week or more. it wasn't mentioned in the report so we know what's going on. in closing, something that i request of mr. ford in his meeting next week. mr. ford always seems to read from a script. i would like him to ask kindly to be more extemporaneous
Jun 7, 2011 1:30pm PDT
that would increase fines for violating a speed limit in a school zone. by wanted to see -- what does mta say in the presentation? i still have not heard anything in terms of whether mta has tried to talk to with lobbyists about the bill that would increase the fines for violating the speed limits in a school zone. so, basically i cannot comment on what is there, but this issue is broader than the city and it is coming upper. i ask that somehow this presentation be made. >> who was it? can you give us a sketch of this presentation? >> your members have had a chance to see this and we have been familiar for some time. >> the staff memo? >> yes. >> there were two relative state items. >> this particular item was called out in the mayor's pedestrian safety elective issued in late december. in response to that, three subcommittees have begun work on these items and we are working our way around that to scoop up the necessary improvements and the cost of what improvements would take, developing from these strategies. specifically to have a measurable impact on food safety. something that can be do
Jun 26, 2011 1:00pm PDT
spoke before the mta before their termination. in the closed session, i called for a criminal investigation on the link between the inner office and payroll and the mta. it must amount to $100 million. by my own calculations. hull also like to call for this board to investigate the mta agenda at in terms of how it came about that may 4 was hired, a man with a high-school diploma. not accepted in any state in the united states. a man accused of embezzlement in atlanta georgia. to the tune of 175,000, they knew about it here. a man that also was responsible for the city and county of atlanta to pay out $1.1 million a sexual harassment suit. he was responsible for it. after he took atlanta to the biggest bankruptcy in history, he has done the same for us here. and how this came about, we will request the city attorney, by letter next week to investigate this linkage. to bring it to the surface for accountability. this is the same city attorney, by the way that is also running for mayor that has not produced up to 40 documents that i have requested. [chime] >> 1776, revolution glo
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 441 (some duplicates have been removed)